REEL VETS is a training and job placement assistance program for

Veterans, especially Veterans with

service related conditions.

LIMS provides training for jobs in the TV and Movie industry. Training is completely hands-on and immersive mimicking the same conditions as on a production set or in the post production studio.

We determine what your passion is, combine that with your existing skills and move you into a department that is robust with job opportunities.

Departments that are offered are Camera-Grip-Lighting, Set Construction-Art Dept, Computer based Visual Effects. 

Training is rigorous and specific, focusing on the skills you will need for the job.

LIMS has experienced great success with its Veteran trainees and has seen numerous graduates move into high paying, high profile entertainment production work.


An area that we are focusing on for 2019 is Visual Effects and the art of Rotoscoping.


Rotoscoping is considered as an entry-level position in the field of Visual Effects. Knowledge of Rotoscoping is a fundamental element for those who aspire for a career in Visual Effects. We have chosen this field to focus on due to the current extreme demand for Rotoscope artists.


Rotoscoping involves creating animated shapes, which are used to isolate or mark elements in footage, such as characters, vehicles, buildings, etc. This method of creating selections allows the artist to perform specific operations like replacement of unwanted objects including green screens. 


Almost every television or feature film production uses Rotoscoping in the post-production process.  The needs may be as basic as eliminating unwanted signage or logos all the way up to creating backgrounds for space ships or aliens.


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