REEL PEOPLE, a division of LIMS, 

is a training and job placement assistance program for

high functioning young adults with Autism and other challenges.

Reel People’s focus is to help build skills to work in the movie and television trades.

Our results have demonstrated that many of the challenges of these individuals are the desired traits for specific jobs in the TV or film industry.

Reel People has already experienced great success with its trainees moving with no skills specific for the movie or television trades to job readiness and job placement.  We are confident that as the program grows, the success rate will only increase.


Rotoscoping is considered as an entry-level position in the field of visual effects. Knowledge of Rotoscoping is a fundamental element for those who aspire for a career in Visual Effects. 


Rotoscoping involves creating animated shapes, which are used to isolate or mark elements in footage, such as characters, vehicles, buildings, etc. This method of creating selections allows the artist to perform specific operations like replacement of unwanted objects. 


Almost every television or feature film production uses Rotoscoping in the post-production process.  The needs may be as basic as eliminating unwanted signage or logos all the way up to creating backgrounds for space ships or aliens.


To do their work accurately, a competent Roto-artist must have:
- an understanding of composition and color
- basic knowledge of relevant software

- the ability to create exact and consistent images in a timely manner

Various types of digital Rotoscoping techniques used for visual effects are: 

• Matte creation

• Painting Effects - generally used to quickly add new elements to a scene

• Cloning/ Paint touch-up

• Motion tracking


The LIMS Visual Effects training program will focus on Rotoscoping and will involve basic training and hands-on education with Adobe After Effects, the prime application for Rotoscoping.  Each student will fully understand and execute all functions of basic After Effects and will know how to apply its functions to real world applications.

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