“All his life it has been what we tell him to do, now it feels like he has a purpose, and he us telling this is what I want to do”- Tito P.

“I know cause I can see for sure, he is changing his routine, he is getting up earlier, he is going to bed earlier, he is dictating what he wants to do and that is different.”- Tito P.

“This is a great program for children with different forms of autism because it gives them exposure to develop something new and find a talent that they might have & help them grow.” - Maria C.

“It helps my son to socialize and deal with outside problem and figure things out as a team. When he gets home he talks more about his day, I can tell this program is great, it’s a wonderful change, it should be advertised more.” – Maria C.

“There is a precision and dedication to this industry and their ethic and precision is off the charts, I’m excited about this program.” - Teresa R.

“If we can show the world what is happening here, it can open the door for other corporations and will be willing to hire people with autism.” – Teresa R.

“My son is so excited to be here, with the guidance here he has learned a lot and he is happy doing something he loves.” – Karen W.

“He has more confidence working with everyone here, this has made him feel a part of something.” – Karen W.

“It’s hard sometimes people don’t always give the kids a chance and they have so much talent this is such an amazing place, he is able to show is talent here.”- Karen W.

“He is excited to be here, he has always wanted to work in this field, and this program is really cool, they get learn skills and not get rejected.” – Shawna L.

“This is the first time that he shares with me what he is learning in his classes.” – Vicki J.

“He loves this place. The people are really kind, they understand, they are teaching him and are patient. They accept him for who he is and it means a lot to him and it means a lot to me.” -  Vicki J

“This program is helping him get his internship requirement to graduate college.” – Vicki J.

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