I went from homeless to Hollywood in 3 months because of LIMS. LIMS accomplished above and beyond what the Veteran’s Administration, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army’s social workers failed to do. I should know, as a homeless Marine veteran, I received dysfunctional agency lip service since 2012. I needed a push in the right direction and LIMS assisted myself with out of pocket lodging at a nearby campground.

Surviving on $200 a month in food stamps seems impossible, but LIMS assisted me when shelter agencies failed. The whole crew started working multiple positions for a Hollywood movie immediately after graduation to work near Sunset and Vine. Nobody but LIMS performed, promised, and delivered results to beat the odds.

Art F.



I am a recent Production Management graduate of the Lifton Institute of Media Arts and Sciences (LIMS) – part of a veteran film crew in which I am very proud of!  While at LIMS, we worked on a Feature Film called “The Gunman.”  During the film production, I had an opportunity to work as a Unit Production Manager, First Assistant Director, 2nd Assistant Director, 2nd, 2nd Assistant Director, Locations Manager, and Wardrobe person.  I had a fantastic time in the Film Immersion Program LIMS offers and I learned a great deal.  Simply outstanding experience I would not trade for the world!  It is a dream come true to be able to work in the movie industry and LIMS has opened the door into this fascinating world of movie magic.  Thank you for giving me the first stepping stone for success.

Lugdy C.

Production Management


I was very satisfied with the training that I received from LIMS. When the training was finished I felt as though I was ready to begin working in the industry. Within a week of graduating, LIMS went the extra mile and hooked us all up with the opportunity to work on a movie with another production company. The Lead man in the Art Department at this production told me the other day that it is refreshing to get help from people who know what they are doing.

Rick R.

Set Building & Design


After being laid off, I went through a long spell of unhappy job hunting & hopping through the Work Source Centers. Then along came LIMS. I attended an informative seminar that they put on at the Work Source Center talking about the opportunities of working in the Motion Picture & Television Industry and attending a hands-on, full-immersion training with LIMS. I was hooked! I knew that I had just found the beginning of the journey for the 2nd half of my career!

I trained in the camera, grip and electric department as a Key Grip, Grip, Gaffer, Electric, Camera Operator, 1st AC and 2nd AC.

Within 12 days after our graduation, I was working on a major motion picture. My training at LIMS was so effective that I was bumped to a higher position and more pay in the lighting department. I was then referred to a 2nd film as generator operator and handler of the base camp setup. From there, I was referred to a 3rd film. Finished that and I am on my 4th. I have been working virtually non-stop since I graduated LIMS.

Steve A.

Camera/Grip & Lighting


Just completed my Visual Effects course here at LIMS. Our teacher has been in the industry for years in VFX work. 
There are many programs we cover within a short amount of time. After Effects, Nuke, Maya, Zbrush, Realflow, Daz3D etc…

No matter which department you are in, you will learn from the best.

Already got two IMDB credits from here.

Breaking into the industry is never easy, but this program will take you a step closer. Just have to create a good demo reel by the end of the course if you’re in VFX to apply for jobs.

Zell G.



This school is really changing lives of veterans. They teach how to make movies by making movies and the veterans who are trained as the crew are doing great. They actually do what they say and the students who graduate get jobs.  

Kyke B.



I have had the honor of getting to be a part of this fantastic school by helping out with the career coaching they provide to all their graduates. The work they are doing on behalf of the students for this school is phenomenal. Not only is this desperately needed by the entertainment industry as a whole but their outreach to helping veterans is nothing short of heroic. I’ve known the founder for several years and watched as he put his blood, sweat, and tears into making this possible. Nowhere else can a student learn their craft by actually working on a live production like this. It’s genius and delivers the highest quality of training.

Heather M.


I am blown away! What an amazing studio. What an amazing school. If you want real life, hands on experience. If you want to actually make a film, this is a great place to be. Great instructors. Great tools. In addition… If you are a film maker and you need a one stop shop, from filming on a sound stage, all the way through final mix, this is an amazing resource. Do yourself a favor. Go take a tour. It is truly greater LA’s best kept secret for making films and learning how to make films!

David C.


This facility is a great learning facility excellent teachers excellent examples of what you should learn and the guidance is off the chain I had the greatest experience at this school and I wouldn’t trade it for anything being a vet you are trained to listen pay attention to detail and to act accordingly and this was a great experience for anyone who wants to be in the film business

Di-Anne J.



I have worked as an instructor twice for this school and the curriculum and students are stellar. They teach hands on training for all types of people, ages and walks of life in the film and television industry. I am very proud to be a part of it.

Renee V.

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